The analysis of school examination results as a formative aid to school improvement

Available from this page as PDF (Portable Document Format) files are the individual chapters and appendices of an MPhil thesis produced by the author whilst studying at Bath University. The theme of the thesis is extremely relevant to the issues of school performance, school improvement, value added performance in examination results, differential effectiveness of schools and school subject departments, data analysis, correlation and making formative use of summative data.

Whilst I hope that the information contained within these files will be of use to academics, students and school teachers, all content and files remain the copyright property of the author.

B.F. Stubbs    BA (Hons), PGCE, Dip.Ed., MPhil.

Chapter 1: Introduction   (160k )
Chapter 2: Aims and Scope   (196k)
Chapter 3: A literature review (538k)
Chapter 4: Methodology   (235k)
Chapter 5: Analysis printouts   (433k)
Chapter 6: Case Studies   (413k)
Chapter 7: Research findings   (119k)
Chapter 8: Conclusions   (171k)
References   (80k)

Appendix A: Correlation figures for schools' GCSE results 1996 - 1992    (23k)
Appendix B: Correlation figures by subject area 1996 - 1992    (18k)
Appendix C: GCSE subject department comparisons 1996   (98k)
Appendix D: Time graphs for average ERT and GCSE   (79k)
Appendix E: Value added national project correlations   (17k)
Appendix F: Regression line graphs for 18 schools 1996   (480k)
Appendix G: Graphs and tables by gender for combined schools 1996 - 1992   (922k )
Appendix H: History GCSE regression line graphs for 16 schools in 1996  (550k)

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