Student Performance Analysis

Grade Analysis


    Names      M/F      MA PH CH BI AS DR RO HO CD GE FR CO AR GE EN EL
  1) ALLEN T    M  122   A  C  D  B  E  D  A  A  A                 B  B
  2) BEATTY M   F   70   E     F  E  D  D  E  E  D                 D  D
  3) BENTLEY J  M   95   C        C  D     D  B  C  B  C           C  D
  4) BRENNEN T  F   98   D     C  E  D     F  D              C  C  D  D
  5) BORN F     F  109   D  D  C  B        B              E  D  D  C  C
  6) BRADY G    M  110   G  F     F     F  F  G  G  E  F
  7) BRAINS A   M  130   A  A     A  A     A  B        A  A  A
  8) CAROL C    M   87   E           E  E  D     C     F     D  D  D  C
  9) CARTER J   M    0   C     C  B  C  C  C  C           C     C
 10) CARSON J   F  106   C     C  D  C  B              D     C  C  C  C

This abbreviated display shows the individual pupils, as selected by calendar year or DFE year group, listed down the left hand side, their gender, their prior test score and their examination results all on the same line so that an individual's grades can be read off easily. The particular subjects taken are shown in abbreviated form above the columns of results. In this way one may scan down the results of a particular subject very easily for a quick visual impression of the subject's success or across from an individual to see that individual's overall performance.

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