Student Performance Analysis

1. Data required

    a) Pupil names, please make pupil gender clear
    b) Indicator test score for each pupil
    (ie. Edinburgh Reading Test / NFER Verbal Reasoning / Cognitive Abilities Test / KS3 levels OR GCSE results for A levels)
    c) List of Examination subjects, Boards and Syllabus numbers
    d) Examination Results, preferably on disk ( see enclosed instructions for SIMS users) or in broadsheet form eg.

    Names Gender score Fren EnLa EnLi Geog Hist
    Barnes J M 100 A B C B E
    Carter P F 102 E C D X E

    OR in a CSV file in similar format to the above but produced from a spreadsheet.
    NB. Please give a full list of subject codes and their equivalents if used.

    e) Contact name in the event of any queries

2. Timing

    a) Results may be forwarded any time after their issue, including during the school holidays, and should be addressed to
    B.F. Stubbs, 42, Greenway Close, Wincanton, Somerset. BA9 9RH ( Tel. 01963 34128 )
    b) In order to facilitate the co-ordination of subject results for all schools it would be most helpful if all results for analysis could be forwarded as soon as possible, preferably during the school holidays.
    c) Analyses will usually be returned within the week, particularly if submitted during the school holidays or on Disk from SIMS systems, comparative data will follow once all schools' results have been received.

3. Cost

    £1-80 per pupil for results submitted on computer disk (Sims / CSV) OR
    £2-00 per pupil for results submitted on paper broadsheet
    Schools will be invoiced
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